Trade Missions/Visits

  • Export Green Trade Mission:
    Green Building & Brazil
    August 28 – September 02, 2011
    São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

    The Export Green Trade Mission will be an excellent opportunity to network with leading industry professionals and learn more about doing business in Brazil. This mission, held in conjunction with the Green Building Conference, brings together entrepreneurs, executives and professionals in the sector to discuss issues of strategic interest to the market and enhance the benefits and concepts of sustainable design, energy and construction.
    Why Join?

    1. Networking opportunities: meet other companies in your industry; establish potential partners; learn more about doing business in Brazil, explore how to enter in the Brazilian market and sell your product;
    2. Matchmaking services: have business meetings set-up with pre-screened contacts representatives, professional associations and government contacts; meet prospective trade partners in key industry sectors;
    3. Government Procurement: opportunities to meet with the government officials responsible for infrastructure and projects related to the World Cup and the Olympics;
    4. Brazilian Partners: Meet with the 5 largest Brazilian companies likely to be responsible for the upcoming major projects. Find out how to become a sub-contractor for these companies.
    Space is limited. Apply today! Application deadline is June 29, 2011.

    Preliminary Agenda

    • August 28: Welcome briefing and overview, São Paulo
    • August 29: Green Building Brazil International Conference, São Paulo
    • August 30: Gold Key Service, São Paulo
    • August 31:Technical visits, São Paulo and flight to Rio de Janeiro
    • September 01: Rio Green Build Conference, Rio de Janeiro
    • September 02: Visit to Port of Rio, Rio de Janeiro

    Travel: Participants are responsible for making their own flight arrangements. Meals, translation services, and ground transportation between meetings are included in cost of the mission and will be arranged by the Brazil Council.

    For additional information and delegation fee, click here.

    If you have any questions, please contact Luciana Rocha-Goldman or call (202) 463-5496.

    Announcing guest star Assistant Secretary Nicole Lamb-Hale
    A/S Lamb-Hale will join the trade mission to help promote green exports to Brazil. Opportunities will be provided for participants in the trade mission to meet with the Assistant Secretary. Read more here.
    The International Conference of the Green Building Council is the largest strategic event in the sector in Latin America. This event will promote upgrading, learning and business generation in a quality environment with intense networking for elected officials and event participants. Participants will explore the exposition area where the exhibitors will have booths with modern and functional design. This will be a great opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs interested in learning more about their products and services, creating an extremely favorable environment for business and relationships.
    Export Green: Growing SME Exports to Brazil is a cooperator agreement from the U.S. Department of Commerce that will provide resources to U.S. companies to increase exports of green technologies to Brazil, create jobs, and strengthen American competitiveness in sectors related to green technology. Companies looking to boost their revenue will learn how to navigate and succeed in the Brazilian market through Export Green. To learn more about the project and get involved, please visit the Export Green website.

  • Brazilian delegation to visit Northern Kentucky

    The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, the Embassy of Brazil and the American Chamber of Commerce in San Paulo have coordinated a trade visit of Brazilian companies to Greater Cincinnati. The purpose of the trip was to build business relationships between Brazil and the United States.

    Visit our Photo Album

    The companies visiting region included:

    • Armtec Robotics Technology, Ltd.
      Company’s area of commercial activity in Brazil: Active in the areas of defense and public safety, petroleum and gas, Paving, health, electrical power and the Microchip Regional Training Center. The firm refers to itself as a “patent factory” because it creates products that may call for patent filings. According to the Office of the Environmental Superintendent of the State of Ceará (SEMACE), ARMTEC does not need an environmental permit because the company’s production does not generate wastes. This is possible due to its innovative business model of promoting modular development and outsourcing to other locations all the physical components of the products produced, by using the idle capacity of partner industries. That makes it possible to keep the company’s operational costs low and under control, while ensuring efficiencies of scale for various levels of production. ARMTEC performs quality control of its suppliers and its team is in charge of integrating all modules, as well as the production of all the projects and codes of the programs produced and the man-machine interfaces. ARMTEC has been certified under ISO 9001:2008 with the following approved scope: “Design, execution and sale of machines, equipment, components, upon demand”.
      Products and services:

      • SACI [Support System for Combating Incidents] is a water-blasting robot designed to make firefighting a lot easier. The firefighting unit operates within buildings, with the capacity to climb stairs. It carries several cameras (both regular and infrared), with precision control and remote sensing;
      • ANDAR (National Apparatus for Remote Assisted Transport) is a motorized wheelchair. It can be folded up to be carried in any type of vehicle;
      • SISTRAN (Traffic Simulator) consists of a laboratory traffic simulator and compactor that facilitates faster and more realistic assessments of pavement surfaces, by means of accelerated tests. Such trials are carried out through repeated cycles of putting pressure on a sample of a bituminous mixture to simulate loads to which the pavement typically would be subjected to over a period of 10 or 20 years of service in the field;
      • SIEMBS (Integrated Equipment for Tri-axial Trials on Soils and Bituminous Mixtures) analyses the flow and/or type of traffic that a pavement or soil can support;
      • MTB (Brazilian Thermal Mixer): the aggregates are mixed when heated;
      • CACI (Automatic Cannon for Combating Incidents;
      • SAMBA (Brazilian Automated Environmental Assessment Submarine) is a remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) that operates in river and maritime areas where inspections, repairs or environmental work is underway;
      • RAPAS (Robot for Assessment of Asphalt Pavements);
      • MEDGAS is equipment for monitoring and measuring temperature, pressure and levels within liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage cylinders and spheres;
      • Large Scale Robot Simulator is a field robot to carry out accelerated pavement testing processes;
      • MULTI-ASFALTO is a Mini-Plant Asphalt Laboratory with an automatic feeder;
      • TECNOLOGIA EM GUINDASTES is crane (or hoist) technology for up to 20-tons, both on-shore and off-shore;
      • MULATA ROBOT is an audiovisual module for teleconferencing, training, entertainment, corporate security and presentations at trade fairs. It is transportable equipment with remote control and a wireless data transmission system, an infrared video system that can pan & tilt, two-directional audio and video transmission by DVD on an LCD screen. Portable module for visual inspection of confined environments, with a camera pan system and light casing.
      • ETET is equipment for testing the draining out of transformers, which is equipment for testing the draining of radiators and dissipation of heat in energy transformers. The ETET consists of two modules: a detection module, which facilitates the detection of radiators that are leaking; and an identification module, which makes it possible to identify locations through which leaking occurs.
      • ACEG is an electronic control and operational system for an LPG bottling plant and a system for supervising the plant.
      • SOLOS is a system for surveying data regarding the compacting of soils.
      • ELETRON is an apparatus for testing the electrical properties of small-scale transformers. This equipment is integrated into production line operations.

      Main clients: Due to the breadth and scope of the current product line, as demonstrated in the scope of the ISO 9001:2008 certification, ARMTEC has demanding clients and markets that include military forces, police, firefighters, universities, scientific and technological institutions, private sector companies active in industries, trade and services, and also has the capacity to work with both public sector companies and independent agencies.
      Expectations for this mission: Build canals for distribution, marketing and sales in the United States, establish potential negotiations for exports of products, strengthen the ARMTEC brand of high technology Brazilian-origin products in the U.S. market, strengthen relations with the Brazilian diplomats in the U.S.
      Looking for:( ) suppliers; ( x ) purchasers; ( x ) partners / entities
      Interested in: Companies in the area of paving highways; distributors of propane, butane or LGP; Transportation Departments; companies that sell products to firefighters, police and armed forces; companies in the areas of petrochemicals, fine chemicals, fertilizers or others that have inflammable products; thermal power companies, nuclear power plants, companies that store radioactive products; public sector firefighting departments, police forces and armed forces; potential commercial representatives;

    • Brazilian Machinery Builders’ Association
      Company’s area of commercial activity in Brazil: Association of manufacturers of mechanical equipment and machinery.
      Products and services: This is an association of suppliers, the main goals of which are to identify business opportunities in Brazil and abroad, promote partnerships between domestic and international companies, promote machinery and equipment exports, and stimulate the establishment of foreign companies in Brazil.
      Main clients: Represents 4,500 companies that manufacture machinery and equipment, 1,500 of which are associates that are clients, making use of the services listed above
      Expectations for this mission: Publicizing Brazilian capacity building in the manufacturing of industrial machinery and equipment, seeking companies that are interested in investing in Brazil, in partnership with Brazilian companies or otherwise, seeking opportunities to export Brazilian products.
      Looking for: ( x ) suppliers; ( x ) buyers; ( x ) partners / entities
      Interested in: Machinery and equipment manufacturers that are interested in creating partnerships or establishing a branch or subsidiary in Brazil (manufactoring facility), export of products (machinery and equipments).

    • KBR Attorneys and Consultants
      Company’s area of commercial Activity in Brazil: KBR Advogados & Consultores provides specialized legal advisory services in the areas of mining, sugar and ethanol, and agribusiness in general. It also has and independent audit team to conduct tax planning.
      Products and services: Law office focused on providing judicial and/or extrajudicial legal services for the business sector, providing consulting services to domestic companies in Brazil and groups of foreign investors.
      Main clients: Lawless Transportes e Empreendimentos Ltda. (Lawless Plant Hire Limited), PPM Engineering Limited, Lider Companhias de Seguros S/A.
      Expectations for this mission: Expand contacts with suppliers of equipment and machinery for mining, heavy cargo transportation, excavation, as well as equipment for planting, growing, cutting down and managing trees in reforestation areas.
      Looking for: ( x ) suppliers; ( ) buyers; ( x ) partners / entities
      Interested in: Mining segment; suppliers of machinery and equipment for prospecting, excavation, leveling and heavy duty transportation equipment for mining, such as Caterpillar and Komatsu, among others.

    • Poppi Máquinas e Equipamentos Ltda.
      Company’s area of commercial activity in Brazil: We have representatives throughout Brazil and Latin America, with an emphasis on the industrial centers for footwear and textiles.
      Products and services: Machinery and equipment for the footwear industry and related products. Cutting equipment for the textile industry and hydraulic machinery for cutting a variety of materials, with sandpapers, foams, fiberglass, plastic and laminated rubber and paper.
      Main clients: Footwear industries in general. POPPI is one of the largest industrial firms for machinery and equipment in this market segment.
      Expectations for this mission: Expand the market for purchasers of products, primarily sales of machinery. However, our main goal is to seek partners for new products, using our vast technological capacity (partners, joint ventures, cooperation and development of new products).
      Looking for: ( x ) suppliers; ( x ) purchasers; ( x ) partners / entities
      Interested in: Companies interested in machinery for footwear and related products, companies interested in hydraulic cutting machinery, automated or otherwise, companies interested in partnerships and joint ventures using our Brazilian network for sale and production of durable goods. (we have a large capacity in the areas of metalworking and product development), companies interested in special products, made to order in the market segment of hydraulic presses (small, medium and large) ranging from 20 tons to 60 tons, for cutting a variety of materials (except for cutting metals).

    • Pro High Technology (PHTech)
      Company’s area of commercial activity in Brazil: Automation and control of industrial, manufacture of machinery and equipment and special testing equipment.
      Products and services: Products: Complete solutions for manufacture of machinery and equipment for manufacturing of spiral/parallel tubes and tubes with “L” or “U” sections, all made from paper, portable equipment for hydraulic testing in aircraft, automation and control services for industrial processes.
      Main clients: Emcon, Delphi, Duka Embalagens, Eucatex, Imcopa, Tubo Leve, Adezan, Papeis Isbravati
      Expectations for this mission: I hope to contact a large number of clients, partners and suppliers, get to know and establish a large number of contacts with influential individuals with decision-making authority; learn about the methods for importing and exporting products and services from and to the U.S.
      Looking for: ( x ) suppliers; ( x ) purchasers; ( x ) partners / entities
      Interested in: Representatives or distributors of machinery and equipment for paper packaging with an interest in resale; manufacturers of paper tubes paper sections, manufacturers of machinery and equipment for packaging with an interest in two way partnerships and technology transfers, the same as above for hydraulic testing equipment for aircraft, and final purchasers interested in acquiring our products.

    • Tintomatic Equipamentos Mecanicos Ltda
      Company’s area of commercial activity in Brazil: Rotating Paint Mixers
      Products and Services: Rotating paint mixers for the purpose of mixing residential and other types of paints.
      Main clients: Sherwin Williams, Basf, Akzo Nobel, Tintas Coral
      Expectations for this mission: Seeking new clients
      Looking for: ( ) suppliers; ( x ) buyers; ( ) partners / entities
      Interested in: Companies that manufacture paints

    • Sulmaq Industrial e Comercial S.A.,
      Company’s area of commercial activity in Brazil: Meat industry in the areas of pork, beef, lamb and manufactured products.
      Products and services: Equipment for the meat industry in the areas of pork, beef, lamb and manufactured products.
      Main clients: Perdigão, Sadia, Kowi, Aurora, JBS, Seara, Frimesa, Minerva, Sulvalle, Aliben.
      Expectations for this mission: Direct meetings with representatives of meat processing/packing firms for possible business deals and possible representatives who are already active in the meat processing/packing equipment industry.
      Looking for: ( ) suppliers; ( x ) purchasers; ( x ) partners / entities
      Interested in: Meat processors for possible business deals and possible representatives who are already active in the meat processing/packing equipment industry.
  • NKITA supports U.S. India Political Action Committee Trade Mission to India – Bangalore

    The U.S. India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) is conducting a high profile Power and Energy business delegation from US to India visiting Bangalore, India on May 20, 21, and 22nd 2009. USINPAC plans to engage with and visit business headquarters including Tata, BP, Solar, Bhoruka Power Corporation Limited, ABB Limited, Bangalore Electricity Supply Company, Kirloskar Electric Company, Reva Electric Car Company, Draper Fisher Juvertson, ORB Energy, Schneider Electric India etc.

    Read More and Register

  • Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce joins Metro Cities Council of the American Chamber of Commerce Executives’ Trade Mission to China.

    Read Report (by Steve Stevens, President, Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce)
    Photo Album

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