Global Business Opportunities

  • BRAZIL – Urban Operations, project bid
    June 8, 2011: São Paulo announces the selection of urban projects for three new urban operations in the City: Lapa-Brás, Moóca-Vila Carioca and Rio Verde-Jacu. The public bid and respective requirements have been officially disclosed this June 23. The material will serve as an input for the Secretariat for Urban Development (SMDU) to prepare the respective draft bills for municipal approval.

    Under specific terms of reference, companies or consortia of companies which win the bid are to develop a detailed urban plan according to the guidelines already being prepared by SMDU. Winners will be remunerated an approximate maximum fee of € 4 million for each of the three projects. From the beginning of the competition, private companies will have 45 days to submit their proposals and an estimated time of seven months from the date of signature of the contracts to develop their projects.

    Secretariat for International Relations

  • INDIA – Government of India Invites Expression of Interest for Setting up of Semiconductor Fabs.

    The Empowered Committee set up by the Government of India invites a preliminary Expression of Interest
    from potential technology providers and investors for setting up of semiconductor fabs in India.

    WHO CAN RESPOND: Technology providers and investors (Foreign and Indian). CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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