In order to export your merchandise to a foreign country, you may need a Certificate of Origin certified (sealed) by a local Chamber of Commerce.

A Certificate of Origin (COO) is “a document that is required by certain foreign countries for tariff purposes, certifying the country of origin of specified goods. A Certificate of Origin is usually prepared by the exporter or the freight forwarder, notarized and attested by a local Chamber of Commerce or a World Trade Center. Most countries will accept a general-purpose form identifying the seller, mode of transport, date of export and consignee and containing a description of the merchandise” (U.S. Commercial Service, http://www.export.gov).

Certificates of Origin are required by governments to apply the correct tariff to the merchandise exported. Products that are at least 51% “Made in the U.S.” may receive lower tariff rates if the merchandise is exported to a foreign country with which the United States holds trade agreements.

Please note that some countries have adopted policies banning import of products violating environmental requirements or other national laws.

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