Botswana Delegation – Mr. Favor Marebole

Favor Marebole, Director of Business Development, Botswana Export Development & Investment Authority (BEDIA)

Mr. Favor Marebole is the Director of Business Development in BEDIA responsible for driving the planning organizing and managing the implementation of investment promotion strategies in accordance with BEDIA’s Vision, Mission and Values with a view to increase interest and investment in Botswana. As the Director of Business Development, he also looks after Business Facilitation with the overall objective of attracting foreign investment, encouraging domestic investment and promoting Joint ventures between Batswana and Foreign own companies.

Since Graduating from the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia with a Masters in Commerce, specializing in Advanced Information Systems and Management, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mining Engineering, Favor has been involved in a broad range of sectors both through employment in both private sector and semi public sector organizations and own businesses as an entrepreneur.

Favor has experience within both international and local corporates having worked overseas amongst other organizations including American Express International, Telstra Communications and AAP Communications, all of them in Sydney, Australia.

Favor took a Management consulting assignment with KPMG Consulting in Botswana in 2001 through which he consulted for both private sector and public sector establishments in the areas of Strategy, Information technology and Performance Management.

Following this engagements, Favor continued to develop his career within the financial sector when he started to work for Barclays Africa, Botswana, starting through the Leadership Development programme, then utilizing his consultancy background to lead Change Management programmes within the same bank and then managing the executive team as an Executive Assistant to the Managing Director at Barclays Bank of Botswana before joining anther bank, Stanbic Bank Botswana as a Group Payments Strategy and Interbank Manager in 2004. At Stanbic Bank Botswana, Favor was looking after the different payment streams of the Bank including ATMs, internet Banking, Credit and Debit cards, and governance committees of the Central bank and interbank association and bodies. It was at this time that he was also an active party in influencing the clearing and settlement systems of the country and further setting up the clearing house and the Real Time Gross Settlement systems with Bank of Botswana.

Favor was part of the Executive team within a development financial institution, CEDA until April 2009. CEDA is a government owned citizen empowerment scheme which assists small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through funding, training and mentoring. At CEDA Favor has been an Acting Deputy CEO and a Regional Head looking after a lending portfolio of over BWP1bn around the country. Some of the key policy contributions has been to change the structure of the organization and the lending policies within the different sectors in the country.

Favor therefore has well developed business acumen especially in the Botswana Private sector market with a good understanding of the value drivers in this sector in the country. He further set up a public sector division for one of the commercial banks which is currently driving a lot of value especially that government is the major employer in the country. Through both mining and public sector industries, Favor has been very instrumental in driving value both within the corporate and retail transactional, deposits and lending initiatives in the commercial banking.


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