Botswana Delegation – Ambassador Caesar Lekoa

NAME : Lapologang Caesar LEKOA

DATE OF BIRTH:17 February 1954

PLACE OF BIRTH: Pilikwe, Botswana

MARITAL STATUS: Married with two sons
PRIMARY EDUCATION: Pilikwe Primary School (1960 – 1966)
Mookane Primary School (1967)
SECONDARY EDUCATION: Moeng College (1968 – 1972)
UNIVERSITY COLLEGE: University of Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland (1973 – 1977) Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Administration
OTHER QUALIFICATIONS: French Language Training, Vichy (France), Advanced Level Proficiency in spoken and written language

1977 Joined Public Service as Foreign Affairs Officer Grade III (Third Secretary)
1977 – 1980 Third Secretary at the Department of Foreign Affairs
1980 – 1984 Second Secretary at the Department of Foreign Affairs
1984 – 1985 First Secretary, Botswana Embassy and Mission to the European Cuntries
1985 – 1987 First Secretary, Botswana High Commission, London
1987 – 1991 Counselor/Head of Chancery, Botswana Embassy and Mission to the EU
1992 – 1995 Director of International Relations at the Department of Foreign Affairs
1996 – 2002 High Commissioner (Ambassador) to Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda
2002 – 2010 Ambassador to the United States of America, Mexico, Canada and Trinidad and Tobago

– Chairman , National Organizing Committee for the Joint ACP/EU Assembly meeting held in Botswana, 1992/1993
– Acting High Commissioner to Zimbabwe and also accredited to Malawi, Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland – 1993/1994

– United Nations General Assembly
– United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD IV)
– ACP/EEC Negotiation meetings for Lome II, III and IV Conventions
– ACP/EEC Ministerial Meetings
– Non-Aligned Ministerial and Summit Meetings
– Commonwealth Ministerial and Summit Meetings
– OAU Ministerial and Summit Meetings
– Global Coalition for Africa Meetings
– SADC Officials, Ministerial and Summit Meetings
– Frontline Heads of State and Government Summits
– Launching of the SADC/EU Berlin Initiative
– Launching of the African Union

– Reading and writing.


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