P. Vaidyanathan, Senior Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service, American Consulate General, Channai, India

Mr. Vaidyanathan (Vaidy) serves as a Senior Commercial Specialist at the CS/Chennai, India headquarters of Southern consular district and a leading investment destination for U.S. investments. His overall function and responsibility is to enhance the U.S. Commercial presence and increase U.S. Exports to India.

He has a wide range of responsibilities, which require complex, analytical reporting, organizational, and management skills. He supports the U.S. Commercial and investment policies toward India, provides reporting and analysis of the Indian market, reports the impact of Indian trade policies on U.S. Exports, and maintains extensive senior level relationships with major multiplier organizations, local governments, and business that are critical to the U.S. Exports. He monitors industry developments in key sectors such as Infrastructure and energy, counsels U.S. and Indian businessmen on market opportunities, business laws and practices; plans, and organizes trade missions/commercial trade exhibitions, liaisons with local government officials in support of USG objectives, facilitates the visits of important USG officials to South India, conducts market research & studies.

Advises, and supports U.S. entities in major commercial disputes/discrimination in bid evaluation and attends to trade complaints. Supports U.S. exports by working with other USG agencies such as USAID, USAEP, U.S. EXIM Bank, USTDA, OPIC, ECON, ADB, SBA, and World Bank to leverage the resources of U.S. federal finance agencies and multilateral organizations to provide a competitive edge to U.S. exporters. He is part of many important international teams and works with Project Financing, Infrastructure, and Environment, Energy and Textile teams.

Vaidy brings in over 10 years of private sector experience with specialization in industrial marketing and project development. During the past 23years of distinguished service with USG, Vaidy has worked with other USG agencies such as USAID, USIA, and NTIS, prior to joining CS. Vaidy is a graduate in science with formal training in engineering and has specialized in Industrial marketing, project financing and project development.

Vaidy has completed Export counseling training in Washington DC. Vaidy did a unique TDY in Washington DC in 1998, which provided him insights to Multi-lateral development bank operations and its programs to help identify business and major project opportunities for US firms. Vaidy has organized and led many trade missions, delegation visits and facilitated numerous USG officials’ visits to India, including that of Presidential and secretarial visits and received various appreciations and awards, including that of Ezgi Ozen Environmental Award.


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